Table Top Games

Monsters of Winter

A few yule monsters for any truly benevolent GM to use against their hapless players! This small collection has 4 (or maybe 16) different monsters to stand in the way of your players, including the Yule Cat Jólakötturinn; the Mari Lwyd; the Belsnickel; and the Yule lads, all thirteen of them!

Merry Christmas from DragonCat Games!

Radricks Baby Delivery Service

Currently we are working on a Card game rule set. Once we have something ready for play testing we will have a .pdf for you to download and try it out here.

The Annals of Sorcerer K

This world building set of books will be an awesome compainion set to any GM looking for fresh stuff or new insights to add to their campaign.

Mysteries of Melusine

A campaign setting we are working on. Magical based technology, and many other secrets...